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Amber and Lexi
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We are two roomates that live in TN and was invited by our friend MelissaTeen to come on here and show you boys how the country booties shake rattle and roll! WE are about to turn NASHVILLE into sit back and enjoy what our jellyrolls shake like... You will NOT be dissappointed... U LIKE BIG ASSES CUM GET SOME OF OURS

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Gorgeous Ass & Pussy Poppin at it's best from Beautiful Destiny! Ass, Ass, Ass...Damn, Hot Destiny does it again!! Thick Poppin, Whooty Booty Selena Shoves her Sexy Ass in our Faces!!! Thump, Pump, Poppin, Twerk...What A Whooty Booty!! Ass All Up In Our FACES....Mmmmmmm!!! Oh My God: What a Booty, Ass, Twerk Shake from this Sexy Red Head!! Hour-Glass Figure that can Twerk, Shake & Groove....Mmmm, now we're talk Ooooh....Green Looks so Fine on this Sexy Latin Booty Bitch!!! Booty Pop, Booty Bop...Booty Drop...Booty HOT!!! HOT ASS all UP IN YOUR FACE....DAMN!!! Mmmm.....I could look at that All Day, All Night Long! How Hot does my Ass look in Leopard Panties...DAMN!! this Bitch Fine or What?...GODDAMN!!! I know you Guys can't get enuff of me and my AZZ!!! Double DAMN...Hot Ass in my Face...LOVE IT!!! Fast Pumpin, Ass Thumpin Twerkin as You All LOVE!! Are you Looking at my Pok-A-Dots or my Sexy/Twerking AZZ? Yummy Yummy...Damn do I wanna Fuck Her!!! Oh Me Oh My....This Chick is So Goddamn FLY!!! How bad do you wanna Fuck My ASS??? Poppin my Ass & Grabbing my Pussy....Mmmmmm Look at all this Ass Twerkin/Shakin/Poppin!!! Bubble Butt Bounce....Poppin & Twerking along the way Put My Face in between those Nice, Thick Ass Cheeks Two Asses are better than One...Mmmmm naked booty shakin THONGS WIH TWO BIG PUMPKINS POPPIN WHOOTY POPPIN THAT BOOTY KISS MY BIG BOOTY black bikini bottoms booty shake BOOTY SHAKING BBW IN BIKINI upclose naked mirror shakin bottomless booty shakin Booty-Cutie Sam, Shakes her Ass Lapdance and booty grinding TRICIA SWEET BUTTCHEEKS Whooty Melissa's ass for the new year Tricia  Shakes booty in full back panties Tricia jiggling her soft booty big booty roomate