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Amber and Lexi
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We are two roomates that live in TN and was invited by our friend MelissaTeen to come on here and show you boys how the country booties shake rattle and roll! WE are about to turn NASHVILLE into sit back and enjoy what our jellyrolls shake like... You will NOT be dissappointed... U LIKE BIG ASSES CUM GET SOME OF OURS

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MY ASS IS ALL DAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS Shaking ass for the 1st time THONGS WIH TWO BIG PUMPKINS POPPIN OILED  UP BUTTCHEEKS-NUDE ASS AND KITTY EXPOSED FULL NUDE CUSTOM ALL I HAVE FOR U IS MY BIG BUTT amberandlexi booty shake video: 6-6-2009-10-22-27-Tease.mp4 ALL ASS BABY Jerzi rocks that ass in full back panties DANCING NAKED COVERED IN SOAP LEXI'S WIDE ASS BACK UP-nude YES U CAN SEE ME WINKING BACK AT YA WHITE GIRL+ALL ASS= $$$$$$$$$$$ WHOOTY POPPIN THAT BOOTY MY OVERSIZED RUMP MAKES U RUB ONE OUT AMBER BOUNCING IN THE BATHROOM MIRROR ALL MY ASS NEEDS IS LUV BIG WHITE FAT ASS bust all over this butt LEXI GOT ALL THAT BIG COUNTRY BUTT FOR UR NUT amberandlexi booty shaking video: 6-6-2009-10-23-13-Tease.mp4 My GF Crystal wiggles her petite bubble Photographer drops seed on my cheeks TWEEK ON MY ASS CHEEKS KISS MY BIG BOOTY SEE MY PUMPKINS G-STRING SWALLOWED UP BY MY BIG ASS Big ASS BRIANNA DEBUTT on SHAKINIT 20 second tease...full video is unedited TRICIA HELLO SHAKINIT FAN SIGN MY BIG ASS MAKES YOU BLAST big booty roomate CUM LAY DOWN WITH ME AND WATCH MY ASS WOBBLE Allie does hot lapdance then wait to see what she does LEXI THROWS ALL THAT ASS IN YO FACE HUGE ASSCHEEKS ON TEEN WHITE GIRL JUICY ASS amberandlexi booty shake video: 9-6-2009-02-05-16-Tease.mp4 In the kitchen cooking up BUNS Lapdance and booty grinding GRINDIN MY BIG WHOOTY-RUB ONE OUT

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