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Amber and Lexi
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We are two roomates that live in TN and was invited by our friend MelissaTeen to come on here and show you boys how the country booties shake rattle and roll! WE are about to turn NASHVILLE into sit back and enjoy what our jellyrolls shake like... You will NOT be dissappointed... U LIKE BIG ASSES CUM GET SOME OF OURS

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amberandlexi ass shaking video: 28-6-2009-08-40-48-Tease.mp4 BBW ASS SHAKING IN THONG JUICY ASS naked shakin in the mirrors naked booty shakin amberandlexi booty shake video: 6-6-2009-10-22-27-Tease.mp4 black bikini bottoms booty shake BBW SHAKING ASS IN UNDIES ASS SHAKING UPSHOT OF SEXY BBW NICE FAT ASS JIGGLING BOOTY SHAKING BBW IN BIKINI BIG BUTT BIKINI BOTTOMS PHAT ASS SHAKING IN THONG SLAP MY PANTIES ALL MY ASS NEEDS IS LUV LEXI THROWS ALL THAT ASS IN YO FACE BBW ASS SHAKING ON THE BED amberandlexi booty shaking video: 29-6-2009-00-10-31-Tease.mp4 LEXI'S WIDE ASS BACK UP-nude YES U CAN SEE ME WINKING BACK AT YA LEXI GOT ALL THAT BIG COUNTRY BUTT FOR UR NUT amberandlexi booty shaking video: 23-6-2009-10-32-31-Tease.mp4 Lexi flexes that AWESOME ASS BY REQUEST, LEXI ASS BY THE FIREPLACE LEXI GOT MAJOR ASS HUGE ASSCHEEKS MAKE U WEAK IN THE KNEES amberandlexi booty shake video: 9-6-2009-02-05-16-Tease.mp4 amberandlexi booty shaking video: 9-6-2009-02-04-09-Tease.mp4 amberandlexi ass shaking video: 9-6-2009-02-05-20-Tease.mp4 amberandlexi booty shake video: 9-6-2009-02-05-29-Tease.mp4 NUDE ALL THE WAY POPPIN bottomless booty shakin 20 second tease...full video is unedited amberandlexi booty shaking video: 6-6-2009-19-10-13-Tease.mp4 amberandlexi booty shake video: 6-6-2009-10-21-27-Tease.mp4 amberandlexi ass shaking video: 6-6-2009-10-20-48-Tease.mp4 amberandlexi booty shaking video: 6-6-2009-10-20-25-Tease.mp4